The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror And Some Unanswered Questions1110279_f260

What made Ronald DeFeo Jr kill his entire family on the night of November 13th, 1974? He entered his parents’ bedroom, then shot them both as they slept. He then entered his brothers bedroom, and shot them both as they slept. He finally entered his sisters room, and shot both of them in their beds. The grizzly killings were complete within fifteen minutes.

The time of their deaths was determined to be between 3:00AM and 3:15AM, the witching hour. That time span is called that because it represents the opposites of the time frame 3:00PM to 3:15PM, which is estimated to be the time of the Christ’s death on the cross. It is believed by many demonologists to be the time when malevolent entities are most active.

At the scene of the crime all of the bodies were found in virtually the same position. They were found face down, in bed, with their arms above their heads. How can anyone commit 6 murders with a Marlin .35 Caliber rifle without anyone, even others in the house, hearing the shots? Each of Ronald DeFeo’s parents got two bullets, the children were killed with one bullet each.

The police chief could not come up with a reasonable explanation as to why no one in the house heard the shots, and none of the neighbors had heard the shots, that rang out in the house at 112 Ocean Avenue. A paranormal theory is that ghosts of native Americans buried on the grounds where the house stood, and still stands today, held the families down in their beds so they were unable to move. Others claim the house was possessed by malevolent forces. Were the ghosts of wronged native Americans, or demons accomplices in these murders?

Lorrain Warren is quoted as saying, “I know there were ghosts in that house. I’m positive of that. Nothing else can do that other than the intelligence of something inhuman.” Ken Greguski, the Former Chief of Police, Amityville, Long Island stated. “I do not believe the house was haunted. I know the house is not haunted now, and I do not believe it has ever been haunted.”

Shortly after Chief Greguski was called to the house at around 6:40AM, Suffolk County

Medical Examiner Howard Edelman arrived on the scene. The ensuing murder investigation raised many questions that, to this day, have not been answered. According to Chief Greguski, Ronald DeFeo did not seem that upset about his entire family being murdered. He stood outside talking with some of his friends, according to the Chief, while the initial investigation ensued. According to the M.E., the consistency of the position in which all of the bodies were found is consistent with someone being either held down, or being told to lie that particular way.

It is the opinion of yours truly that people, especially children and teens, are not likely to behave so passively when they are about to be shot. They would have had to have been awake, and would likely have tried to run quickly out of the house, or at least hide. Could perhaps Ronald DeFeo have a living accomplice, or accomplices? No evidence of that has ever been found. Could it be something unseen was holding them down? Something evil? A demon or demons perhaps? Neither the Chief, the M.E., nor the police who came to the scene have an explanation to any of the questions raised so far. Even during the terrible thunderstorm that occurred that fateful night, the report of the powerful rifle would have wakened the whole house.

Was the Lutz family really tormented by the residual evil that drove Ronald DeFeo to kill his family? Or, were they financial victims, who bit off more than they could chew, regardless of the amazing deal they got on the house? The Lutz’s had five children, not six like the DeFeo’s. It is said that George Lutz did bear a striking resemblance to Ronald DeFeo.

According to people far more expert than yours truly, Lorrain Warren, and her husband Ed Warren, there was something evil in that house. Ed Warren was a demonologist recognized by the Catholic church, many members of the clergy, and paranormal experts. Lorrain Warren explained that she did not believe that Ronald DeFeo was to blame. She further explained that his drug history in the past made him more susceptible to possession, or for his behavior to be controlled by evil forces.

Ronald DeFeo, still in prison today, insists that he heard voices telling him to do it. He insists he was not in control. George Lutz and his family moved into the house. According to Lorrain Warren, “The best protection the devil has is a skeptical public.”


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