Roswell, New Mexico July 1947

In July of 1947, when Dr. RameyMarcelJesse Marcel JR. was only eleven years old, his father showed him something that would change his life forever. It was late at night, and his father, excited about what he had brought home, had gently shaken him awake.

When Jessie JR., and his mother first saw a few pieces of the debris spread all over their kitchen table, they had no idea what they were looking at.

It was from a crash, which had occurred a few weeks earlier on a ranch about 75 miles northwest of Roswell. His father Major Jesse Marcel SR. explained to him that the debris was from a spacecraft, and from another world. He further explained they were looking at the remains of what they had been hearing rumors all around about. The remains of a U.F.O..

They had no idea the specter would become so deeply imbedded in popular culture, and in particular that it would haunt his family for decades. It seems that regardless of the parade of characters trying to prove, or alternately disprove, that the crash was exraterrestrial in origin, we seem to be no closer to separating fact from fiction on the subject.

In my latest story project, Roswell, Summer of 1947, I explore the story of the incident that occurred there.


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