The Fire of Appleton Mill


I recently submitted my latest short story The Fire of Appleton Mill  for submission to a major literary magazine. It is usually several weeks before I hear from the publisher.

The story idea came from a real life experience.When i was young, and working in a cotton mill, which is now burned to the ground, I had a premonition of an inferno consuming the place, possibly with me in it. I chalked it up to my imagination running away with me, since the entire mill was a fire trap. Hundreds of grease caked rags, floors shinning from cottonseed oil that had soaked into the wood for many years, and air filled with flying lint. Combine those contributing factors along with a large number of workers smoking like the giant smoke stack, which towered over the mill, and you have a tinder box.

And there were rats. Many Many rats scurrying along the floors walls, and occasionally over my feet.

This story, like all my stories has super natural elements. The story is presented with picturesque language that is sure to bring you down into a dark and  ominous place right next to me. I will keep you posted on when it will be in print. Even if it doesn’t it was fun to write; but I hope it is published because dear reader it is always better when I share it with you.


The House Lives


The House Lives

 Houses are alive. This is something we know. We can feel it in our nerve endings. If we are quiet, if we listen, we can hear houses breath. Sometimes in the depth of the night we can hear them groan. It’s as if the house is having bad dreams. This is true in many old houses, old houses with many bad memories.

A house is a place of shelter. It is the body we put over our bodies. As our bodies age, so do our houses. As our bodies sicken, so do our houses.

And what of madness? When madness happens, couldn’t that energy spill over into the bricks and boards? Isn’t what we mean when we say a place isn’t quiet; it is stirred up with energy. Energy from ghosts perhaps? No. What we really mean is that the house has gone insane.

 The End