My Response to Anne Rice’s Facebook Question

I have never blended a Facebook post, or the post of any social media with my blog; however, I could not resist my response to this one.

One of my favorite authors, Anne Rice, posted this question of Facebook.

“How many of you have read “Gone With The Wind”? Is it a book you like, dislike, approve of, recommend, don’t recommend? (I’m not talking about the movie now, just the book.) Thanks for your comments…

My response was as follows:

Margaret Mitchell’s ‘Gone With The Wind’ is a must read. Is it politically correct? No. Life is often not. Great literature does not have to equal political correctness. This is the opinion of a person who is more often than not quite politically correct. The truth buried within the pages of lies is an important part of what makes great fiction. In 1936 when the book was written, it was an amazing success. In 1939 it became the most successful movie since the 1938 release of ‘Jezebel,’ staring Bette Davis, which featured her introduction of the macabre and menacing. The bottom line is, like some of the racy and controversial works of the brilliant author Anne Rice, it’s the appeal to our human desires, of which we may never speak, that we can entertain through the power of reading.


Vietnam Calls To Me

Vietnam. The mere mention of the name of that country in South-East Asia brings to mind the unpopular war. In the American mind Vietnam and the war are inextricably connected.

When I hear that countries name I think of Graham Green’s ‘The Quiet American,’ of lush green forests, the undeniable beauty of Ha Long Bay, now a world heritage site that my eyes have never seen. I think of Hanoi, and of making my way from there to the Capital, Ho Chi Minh City.

At the starting and the finishing point there is night life, beautiful temples, architecture and style. The places in between offer simple life, simple food, and sites to be seen no where else in the world.

What makes Vietnam so special to me? I long to see it from the saddle of a bicycle; all 1,713.5 Km of it. I would no doubt arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, then cycle along the beautiful coastline to Hanoi. The food is largely vegan and vegitarian. It is cheap but good.

When I arrive at my destination, Hanoi near the border of China, it will be easy to take a train, or four back to Ho Chi Minh City to catch a flight back home.

I have traveled to and through many countries, yet Vietnam keeps calling to me. Maybe someday. Maybe.

The Last Full Moon of Winter

Often times the truth is stranger than fiction. This is one of those times.Tomorrow night, March 5th, is an interesting night astronomically speaking. It is the last Full Moon of winter. Among its many names are Worm Moon, Crust Moon, Crow Moon, Sap Moon and Lenten Moon.
This full Moon rises almost due east. This moon is also “average” looking in size. At 384,000 km. distance, it is nearly midpoint between apogee and perigee.
Notice too, the ecliptic (green line) is very high, near the spring equinox. The moon and Jupiter are close to it, as is Regulus in Leo.