My Response to Anne Rice’s Facebook Question

I have never blended a Facebook post, or the post of any social media with my blog; however, I could not resist my response to this one.

One of my favorite authors, Anne Rice, posted this question of Facebook.

“How many of you have read “Gone With The Wind”? Is it a book you like, dislike, approve of, recommend, don’t recommend? (I’m not talking about the movie now, just the book.) Thanks for your comments…

My response was as follows:

Margaret Mitchell’s ‘Gone With The Wind’ is a must read. Is it politically correct? No. Life is often not. Great literature does not have to equal political correctness. This is the opinion of a person who is more often than not quite politically correct. The truth buried within the pages of lies is an important part of what makes great fiction. In 1936 when the book was written, it was an amazing success. In 1939 it became the most successful movie since the 1938 release of ‘Jezebel,’ staring Bette Davis, which featured her introduction of the macabre and menacing. The bottom line is, like some of the racy and controversial works of the brilliant author Anne Rice, it’s the appeal to our human desires, of which we may never speak, that we can entertain through the power of reading.


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