Recovering From Rejection

How do I apologPhoto on 1-16-15 at 3.14 PMize for my lack of blogs? I think by telling the truth. Yes. This fiction writer will tell the truth about why I have been absent from the blogosphere.

I got my feelings hurt with another rejection. I’ve had a great deal more of my stories rejected than printed. Haven’t most writers? But this. I worked on a play I thought was awesome, different, fresh, and last but not least pretty damn good.

I did what writers do. I became despondent. The wind was knocked out of me. “I’m just not good enough,” I told myself. So, I stopped writing. Now, weeks later, I have to start again. Am I some kind of glutton for punishment? “No,” I say to myself, and to you dear reader, and/or fellow writer. I have come to the conclusion that it is perfectly natural to think of ourselves as lousy writers.

With that in mind, I have decided to write wheather I ever get published or not. It’s what I do. I keep writing. I keep writing even when I am forced to scrap my darlings to the big shoe box. I keep writing when I recover from a particular painful rejection. I keep writing when I turn on Netflix and see a horror movie that is so terrible compared to my efforts, it is inconceivable that a writer actually got paid to craft it.

It’s the efforts that should by all rights have been a flop that keep me going. The hope that I’ll someday get paid for something I wrote. And sometimes, and this is when it’s the best, I get to write the storis I really want to tell.


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