I am dedicating this post to Becket. He is a man of prayer, was a monk in a monastery, and is an accomplished author. He is also the personal assistant to Anne Rice, an author whom we all know.

Below is a quote from Becket I found inspirational. I hope you will too.

“Sometimes you will want me to give you something immediately. Sometimes you will be angry with me because it seems as if I am not granting your prayer. The answer to a prayer is like a tool. It is meant to be useful for many people in many ways. A hammer is a carpenter’s tool. The tool is meant to make an impact. So is the answer to a prayer because an answered prayer is a tool too. But if you give a hammer to a child, or to someone who does not know how to use it, then the tool could become a weapon, giving an impact that might cause more hurts than heals. If you are praying and if your prayer is not answered, ask for spiritual maturity instead. Ask to grow in virtue. You will be impacted by grace in more ways than one.”
Thank you, God!
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