New Short Stories



Wild Mouse.jpg

I’ve been busy short stories. Since the last post I have written 2 new stories, and I’m half way through a third.

The Scrapyard is a delightfully gruesome tale about a young couple who are sneaking away for the weekend before they start college. The events that take place when they get a flat tire on a desolate backroad lead to a delightfully gruesome ending.

The Wild Mouse is America’s last remaining wooden roller coaster. A family vacation at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina can be described as anything but uneventful when a young man discovers he has a most uncomfortable gift; The gift of precognition.

The story I’m in the middle of is called The Inheritance. Only one of three sons will receive their recently deceased Father’s wealth. To see which son gets the loot, a certain condition must be met.I will share when and where these stories are available upon completion. I haven’t decided as of yet whether to release them individually, or as a compilation, but I’m leaning towards a compilation of at least five stories. Some I may also write as stage or screenplays.Until next time, keep reading and stay scared.



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