Mr. Monstro

I just finished my 5th teen horror story, and my second story this week, A Night Underground. Poor Billy. Ever wonder what became of him? Check out this outline of my upcoming story to get an idea.

Mr. Monstro

The story of Billy’s nightmare, or is it a nightmare? At least Billy thinks he’s only sleeping.
He finds himself standing alone in the light of a street lamp. Outside of the lamp he is surrounded by pitch darkness.
He hears the mysterious voice of a man coming from the darkness. The man warns the boy to stay in the light becase a terrible entity, known as Mr. Monstro, is lurking in the darkness. He is an evil skeletal like creature.
The boy is in a dellima because he can’t get to the other side of the darkness without first stepping into it. The voice assures him that he will guide him safely through the darkness, and into a better place.
Calmer now Billy answers, “But I can’t see you.” At that moment a skeletal hand reaches into the light within his reach, and…………You’ll have to read my new story Mr. Monstro to find out more!


A Night Underground

Three boys, who live in the same neighborhood, and hang out together at school are always bored and coming up with things to do. One of the boys suggested they build a coffin to use as a Halloween prop. They decided to build a simple pine box in one of the kids dad’s garage.
The day before Halloween, two of the boys dare the youngest of the three to spend one night in the coffin in a cemetery at the end of their street. It was a “potters field,” where homeless people, and those who were never identified were buried by the county.
The boy accepts the dare, and the other two boys buried him in a shallow grave. They made a simple, but nice, white cross to use as an overnight grave marker.
They drilled a hole in the lid of the coffin, then placed a large diameter pvc pipe coming up to the surface so he could easily breath. The boys promised to uncover the shallow grave and release him at sunrise.
After the boys buried the kid who took the dare, an eccentric old lady, who liked putting flowers on strangers graves happened by. She saw the pipe coming up from the ground and felt sorry for the person buried there.
With the best of intentions, the old woman plugged the hole in the pipe with a flower pot, not realizing she was leaving a young boy to slowly suffocate. The flower pot fit perfectly into the opening.
At sunrise the boys came back to dig up their friend as they had promised. When they discover the hole had been plugged, they simply left the boy. They were afraid to say anything.
The ghost of the boy now haunts the cemetery, and makes unwelcome visits to the boys who gave him the dare.
You’ll get to know these kids by name when I finish the story.
Again, I both need and value your comments.

The Monkey Bars

My latest short story is called the Monkey Bars. The first draft is going great. I would love to know what you think of the synopsis below.

Some folks call it a Jungle Jim, I always called it The Monkey Bars. Billy, Randal, Tony, and Frank often go to the neighborhood playground together. They like to climb onto the Monkey Bars, and tell each other stories they made up. “Wouldn’t it be something if these Monkey Bars are magic, and the stories we make up come true?” Frank suggested.
Then Billy, the clumsy one, said, “What if a monster lived in the sand right beneath us and it came out of the sand and dragged us into an abyss beneath?” Billy’s foot suddenly slips and he falls from the bars into the sandbox beneath.
A terrible, malevelant creature came up from the sand beneath him. It was covered with wired hair, had long dagger like teeth and claws. It grabbed Billy. He screamed from the top of his lungs as the monster pulled him under the sand, leaving the other kids stranded on the bars.

Will the others get off the Monkey Bars safely?