The Blonde Dolls Club

I outlined my next three scary teen stories today. One of them is called, The Blonde Dolls Club. It’s the one I’m working on now, and I think it’s a thriller. Here’s an idea of what it’s about.

The Blonde Dolls Club

Vicky isn’t like the girls in the little group at her High School who are called “The Blonde Dolls Club,” named after the popular collectable dolls. They all have perfect blonde hair, perfect bodies, and are popular.
Vickie has a collection of Blonde Dolls that she started when she was little. They sit unopened in boxes on shelves in her room. The dolls in her collection are more real to her than the elite members of the Blonde Dolls Club at school.
When she gets tired of the abuse from those bullies, the living dolls just might become part of her collection, and find themselves occupying a space on her shelf.

Of course “Blonde Dolls” only exists in my imagination, and now yours. I couldn’t say “Barbie,” so Blonde dolls it is.

Comments are welcome and appreciated. I’ve been cranking out story after story for young teens and tweens.



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