The Well Of Skulls

I had lots of fun writing The Well Of Skulls. Here’s a detailed synopsis. ( Warning Spoiler)

I never publish the whole story on my blog; if I did, it could only be sold as a reprint.

A man, in West Virginia, turned his isolated home into a private inn. He took in travelers for the night. While they slept, he would kill them and steal their belongings. He dumped the bodies of his victims into the well. One night, a couple managed to overcome the murderous thief and tied him up. As the travelers wondered what to do with him, Randal remembered the well out front. He told the man he was going to leave him in the well while he, and his girlfriend went to fetch the police. The thief screamed and begged not to be put in there, while Randal lowered him into the darkness. They said they’d be back as soon as they could, then left as the thief screamed in terror. When the police arrived, they discovered the body of the thief. It had been torn limb from limb. He was surrounded by the skulls of his victims, their teeth still dripping with blood.


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