The Blonde Dolls Club

I outlined my next three scary teen stories today. One of them is called, The Blonde Dolls Club. It’s the one I’m working on now, and I think it’s a thriller. Here’s an idea of what it’s about.

The Blonde Dolls Club

Vicky isn’t like the girls in the little group at her High School who are called “The Blonde Dolls Club,” named after the popular collectable dolls. They all have perfect blonde hair, perfect bodies, and are popular.
Vickie has a collection of Blonde Dolls that she started when she was little. They sit unopened in boxes on shelves in her room. The dolls in her collection are more real to her than the elite members of the Blonde Dolls Club at school.
When she gets tired of the abuse from those bullies, the living dolls just might become part of her collection, and find themselves occupying a space on her shelf.

Of course “Blonde Dolls” only exists in my imagination, and now yours. I couldn’t say “Barbie,” so Blonde dolls it is.

Comments are welcome and appreciated. I’ve been cranking out story after story for young teens and tweens.



The Well Of Skulls

I had lots of fun writing The Well Of Skulls. Here’s a detailed synopsis. ( Warning Spoiler)

I never publish the whole story on my blog; if I did, it could only be sold as a reprint.

A man, in West Virginia, turned his isolated home into a private inn. He took in travelers for the night. While they slept, he would kill them and steal their belongings. He dumped the bodies of his victims into the well. One night, a couple managed to overcome the murderous thief and tied him up. As the travelers wondered what to do with him, Randal remembered the well out front. He told the man he was going to leave him in the well while he, and his girlfriend went to fetch the police. The thief screamed and begged not to be put in there, while Randal lowered him into the darkness. They said they’d be back as soon as they could, then left as the thief screamed in terror. When the police arrived, they discovered the body of the thief. It had been torn limb from limb. He was surrounded by the skulls of his victims, their teeth still dripping with blood.

Not All Of The Old Ways Are Bad

I suppose that I’m showing my age because I feel a sense of disgust every time I see a man not open a door for a woman. After all these years, my wife Anita, still doesn’t touch a door handle when in my company. Its got nothing to do with chauvinism; it’s a demonstration of courtesy, respect, and an appropriate public display of affection. Come on fella’s, give it a try. Not all of the old ways are bad.

The Grindylows

The neighborhood kids are at it again. Tony makes up a game in which they have to swim down into an underwater cave and find something he hid inside. When Tony comes back up after hiding the object, he finds his friends talking to the witch from whom he took a cursed amulet. She warns him that she must have it back, so she can put a binding spell on it. It’s too late now. The cursed amulet that Tony hid in the water has been snatched by underwater demons known as The Grindylows
Can the witch create a spell to help Tony get the amulet back before the Grindylows infect everyone through the towns water supply?  I’ll keep everyone posted on the direction the kids take the story.

Wish Upon A Star

The short story ideas for tweens and teens keep popping into my head. I don’t really know where the ideas are coming from, I only hope they keep coming.

Here’s a synopsis of my latest:

Wish Upon A Star


Be Careful What You Wish For
Frank lived with his grandmother in a beach house on an island. One year ago, his parents had gone out on a boat with some friends. A storm, that seemed to come out of nowhere, caused the boat to capsize. They all died at sea. 

The boy’s Grandmother told him that if he makes a wish on a certain star on Halloween, it will come true. 

Unable to sleep the night before Halloween, he decides to take a late night walk on the beach. One minute after midnight, he looks upon the star, and wishes that his parents were back. 

Exhausted from a late night, he sleeps in then next morning, then gets up to make preparations for his Halloween party. 

That night, during the party at the beach house, a bunch of evil zombie-like people crash his party and start attacking. It is his parents and the other people who died on the boat. When he wished for them to come back he wasn’t specific enough. They came back as they were.

Mr. Monstro

I just finished my 5th teen horror story, and my second story this week, A Night Underground. Poor Billy. Ever wonder what became of him? Check out this outline of my upcoming story to get an idea.

Mr. Monstro

The story of Billy’s nightmare, or is it a nightmare? At least Billy thinks he’s only sleeping.
He finds himself standing alone in the light of a street lamp. Outside of the lamp he is surrounded by pitch darkness.
He hears the mysterious voice of a man coming from the darkness. The man warns the boy to stay in the light becase a terrible entity, known as Mr. Monstro, is lurking in the darkness. He is an evil skeletal like creature.
The boy is in a dellima because he can’t get to the other side of the darkness without first stepping into it. The voice assures him that he will guide him safely through the darkness, and into a better place.
Calmer now Billy answers, “But I can’t see you.” At that moment a skeletal hand reaches into the light within his reach, and…………You’ll have to read my new story Mr. Monstro to find out more!

A Night Underground

Three boys, who live in the same neighborhood, and hang out together at school are always bored and coming up with things to do. One of the boys suggested they build a coffin to use as a Halloween prop. They decided to build a simple pine box in one of the kids dad’s garage.
The day before Halloween, two of the boys dare the youngest of the three to spend one night in the coffin in a cemetery at the end of their street. It was a “potters field,” where homeless people, and those who were never identified were buried by the county.
The boy accepts the dare, and the other two boys buried him in a shallow grave. They made a simple, but nice, white cross to use as an overnight grave marker.
They drilled a hole in the lid of the coffin, then placed a large diameter pvc pipe coming up to the surface so he could easily breath. The boys promised to uncover the shallow grave and release him at sunrise.
After the boys buried the kid who took the dare, an eccentric old lady, who liked putting flowers on strangers graves happened by. She saw the pipe coming up from the ground and felt sorry for the person buried there.
With the best of intentions, the old woman plugged the hole in the pipe with a flower pot, not realizing she was leaving a young boy to slowly suffocate. The flower pot fit perfectly into the opening.
At sunrise the boys came back to dig up their friend as they had promised. When they discover the hole had been plugged, they simply left the boy. They were afraid to say anything.
The ghost of the boy now haunts the cemetery, and makes unwelcome visits to the boys who gave him the dare.
You’ll get to know these kids by name when I finish the story.
Again, I both need and value your comments.